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Daisy Delogu, Theorizing the Ideal Sovereign

Theorizing the Ideal SovereignIt was an exciting day at writing group.  One of our members, the lovely and talented Daisy Delogu brought her new book, Theorizing the Medieval Sovereign: The Rise of French Vernacular Biography (University of Toronto Press, 2008) for us to admire hot off the press.
I’ve been part of this writing group for the past four years or so. We read each other’s academic writing and get together as often as we can over to discuss our work and chat about life over a meal. The other members were also the first audience for my novel, and it was their enthusiasm alone after I gave them the first half that pushed me to finish the book. We have all read every word of Daisy’s book in different drafts, and it was tremendously exciting to see it finally in print.