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It’s not just your imagination. Everyone really is on Facebook these days.
Including Virgil.

h/t Dr. B.

This gives me a chance to say some things about Facebook that I’ve been thinking of writing down somewhere since I got back from Barcelona about my “friending” views when it comes to students. Basically, I’m happy to friend most of those who ask, including my students. I regard my Facebook page as pretty much a public space. I have zero confidence that what I write on Facebook will remain private, whatever privacy settings I may use, and I advise all of you to regard it the same way (and that goes for PMs — I recently found a PM in my message box that was sent from one friend to someone I don’t know. Not to me — but I received it. Be warned.).

That being said, think hard first about whether you *really* want to friend me, especially if you are currently taking or planning to take a class of mine, especially if it is a college class. Because I will notice if you unfriend me. And I do look at my friends’ profiles.

And fear not, students, I will not be putting you in an awkward position by attempting to friend you. I think it is unethical for a professor to friend someone who is still a student at her institution. What is a student supposed to do, refuse the professor’s request? I don’t think you should friend anyone who isn’t in a position to turn the request down if he or she wants.