Julianne Douglas has written a wonderful review of PILGRIMAGE on her blog, “Writing the Renaissance.” I say “wonderful” not only because it is positive, but even more because I think she really captures in her review what this novel is about and what I was trying to do. I can fairly say that if this review appeals to you, you will probably like the novel. You can check it out here:


And do keep Julianne’s blog bookmarked. It is a great place to catch up on the latest historical fiction. Julianne performs a real service to the HF reading community with her thoughtful reviews and interviews. I have been turned on to a lot of great novels I would not have known about otherwise on its pages. But more than that, it is a place for Julianne to explore her own writing interests in Renaissance France. Recent posts have been on John D. Rockefeller (yes, UChicago people, that Rockefeller) and the excavations at Fontainebleau; the illuminations in Claude de France’s prayer book; and a gorgeous nineteenth-century stained glass image of Renaissance poet, Louise LabĂ©.

And check Julianne’s blog again tomorrow, when she will be interviewing me about the novel

One thought on “Review: PILGRIMAGE

  1. sylvia Faye

    I am so happy you have chosen to write about a Catholic pilgrimmage that had its beginnings eons ago but today there is a much renewed interest. As you said it is one of three oldest sites and with today having a culture as pagan as the time of the Roman Empire. Even then they did not abort their children as we see today. The youth hardly know anything about the Faith that built the best civilization that man has known and were so true to their believes that the blood of martyrs spread the Faith worldwide. Today the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is drowning in the sins of mankind and those prelates who live worldly lives and fail to “keep the Faith themselves”.
    I will remember you and your first book and pray for it to be successful as some of the future topics you are thinking of writing will be a blessing for those fortunate enough to read them. I look forward to being able to read this, your first novel.
    May you be blessed.

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