Monthly Archives: July 2013

Telling Books by their Covers

I really enjoyed this blog post from Kris Waldherr on a subject near and dear to my heart, book covers, so I thought I would post a link here. She is specifically focussing on historical fiction, including the infamous and ubiquitous “headless woman” cover:

Canada, by Canadians

In my tradition of annual Canada Day videos, this is a kind of cool little video that I first saw shared by another Canadian expat friend on FB. The Canadian Tourism Commission asked for footage from Canadians about their country which they then strung together in a short promotional film. It may or not be a representative image of Canada — what it certainly is, is a representative image of how Canadians see their own country, which is even more interesting, to my mind.  I think it is worth asking my American friends, as your big day comes up on the 4th, if there were a such thing as a United Stated Tourism Commission (which there isn’t, of course) and it asked its citizens to come up with a video showing off your country, what would that look like? And anyone elsewhere who would like to play.